Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology

Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology ORDER NOW FOR CUSTOMIZED AND ORIGINAL ESSAY PAPERS ON Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology Robert, The work just needs to be reviewed to comply with the rubric. There are only minor changes that needs to be done. Can you please help on that? Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology research_questions_and_literature_review_task_2_.docx required_changes___bas Task 2 BEP2 Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology Carlos BarraganJanuary 17, 2017 A Written Project Presented to the Faculty of the Teachers Collegeof Western Governors University Research TopicEffects of advancement on technology on the education process in the United States. Research ProblemDespite the intended positive contribution of technology to the success and efficiency of the education industry, the students seem to be affected negatively by the growth of the technology especially in advanced economies as in the United States. Ranging from the use of social media, easy modes of acquiring capital access to various products and drugs, for instance, have adversely affected the concept and delivery of education to the students. The effect cannot be simply considered as being majorly on the adverse effect resulting from the use of technology on the student but also on the issue of technology by the instructors and other assistants in the industry. The research question in this investigation, therefore, arises to analyze the contribution nature of technology on education. It is majorly negative or positive in the process. Depending on the inclination of the input, it would be possible to know how to base and advice education providers in the society on the use of technology blended in education or the elimination of it in the education sector. However, the research will assist in the creation of a base for such considerations to be made.The research will, therefore, be based on the downside and it would be carried out trying toprove or disapprove this. The notion was that “ the use of technology by students in the education process and their earlier life has contributed negatively in the school sector among the students and the general education industry .” (Flew, 2007) Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology To prove this both qualitative and quantitative approaches will be used to assist in the research and determine the contributions of the knowledge of the students and the resulting society in that case. Quantitative methods will be employed in the collection of data on the statistical measures of the various groups of positively affected students by education while the qualitative measures will be used collection of information on the different feelings and general contribution of technology to the society and all aspects that affect education such as family, religion, drug abuse, corruption, crime, etc.Purpose StatementTechnology creates the world in which the students are exposed to a large base of information. On the positive side, this information is important in their learning and development. They can learn about their world and various important concepts. However, the use of technology also exposes the students to severe informational and behaviors. It also presents them to the world full of dangers such as drugs and obscene materials. Means to make quick money and other activities that have adverse effects on the education of the student in one way or the other. Various well-based students might be able to avoid the diversion into the world of vicious activities, but some are not able to. This would, therefore, result in an adverse effect on them at the end of the day. The effect on them is an effect on the education sector which is our primary concern in this research. Research objectives.The objectives of this study are to determine the effects of technology on the education sector. The study would be most base on the collection of the adverse effects of technology on culture rather than the obvious positive ones. It would also be based on determining the level each gender of the student is affected by using technology. This can be achieved by considering the number of cases of school dropouts on the two genders and therefore determine the gender that is mostly affected. This will assist in establishing a mechanism, in other research to determine the most efficient modes to achieve a positive contribution to technology o education and avoid, or reduce the negative contributions of the technology on the students and the education sector. Research Question(s) The raised research question in this research include, what are the change in the education enrollment and completion in the study region (USA) between the period of 1990-2015? This will enable the research to determine the change that has been witnessed in the education sector and determine the reduction or increase as contributed to using technology. The second crucial research question is, what is the general behavior changing in the society in the same study period of 1990-2015 on the student who has used technology and especially the internet Hypothesis The theory developed in this research involve the contribution of technology in the education process. They are listed below. H1: The number of training completion in the industry has reduced significantly over the period of the study suggested. H2: The behavior change in the society has been inclined towards negative behavior in the students who use technology devices in the industry.Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology Justification of Research ApproachThe success of this research will depend on the utilization of the various research approaches of qualitative and quantitative methods together to achieve the most accurate results of the study. Reliable information and inference of the research can only be performed using the most efficient of the available methods in the process. Therefore, the research process will include the utilization of both qualitative methods and quantitative approaches in the collection of data in the research. The quantitative methods will be used to collect data on the behaviors and attitudes on the subjects and the behavioral change study on the issues. On the other hand, the quantitative approach will collect data on the variations in the enrollment and completion of studies on students during the study period. The dropout cases will then be analyzed using quantitative approaches which will show the dependence on the two methods for the success of the research and education process. Literature Review. Introduction.The recent past has seen the advancement of technology and in the process notably a general change in the behavior and public education process in the industry. The behavior change can only be considered on the downside since the positive contributions are evident to everyone. However, the negative input to the same case is detrimental to the industry and education sector which affects the general education process and the development of the industry. This form the basis or the reason which implies that the primary consideration will be based on the effects of technology on the education processes on the negative perspective rather than the supporting part of the same case. Notable laziness in the education sector.There’s a saying, “It’s easier to do something, than it is to do anything.” Many students don’t have the desire to excel in school and for them it’s good enough to be a mediocre achiever, clearly this phrase related to them. Laziness is a serious issue in America’s education system, and it became more apparent with the raise of technology. Students are prone to use technology mostly for entertainment purposes than for academics. This type of laziness leads to lack of effort put into assigned class work. That causes reduced grades in their classes.Laziness portrays the reduced intensity in performance and possibly the research entailed in the various field and aspects of education. According to Schmid (2008), the use of technology has resulted in the creation of a sense of laziness in the school process on both sides of the board. This implies that both the instructor and the student suffer from the same notion of negligence, therefore, affecting them and the general education sector. The issue is that the instructor is supposed to assist in the creation of a hardworking group of student though being role model, however, with the use of technology, most of the instructors have reduced the sense of research and practical approaches to the education process, therefore, affecting the general performance of the field into an understanding of detrimental side (Schmid, 2008). In the book,” A handbook for deterring plagiarism in higher education (Vol. 2)” the authors describe the use of plagiarism as a form of laziness. This can be related to the use of technology since it is technology that has assisted in the creation of a global village with an extensive access to information from all other sectors to the student over the internet. This has therefore reduced the chances and the will power for the student to carry out their research in the process. They, therefore, end up using plagiarism (Carroll & Oxford Centre for Staff Development, 2007).Blum, (2011) claims that the culture in college is influenced and comprised of increased rates of plagiarism and reduced personal research and world. The minimal variations made on the various research reports made directly shout of works initially submitted by other individuals. The diversification and making of study material by other parties in the world has resulted in the various individuals opting to merely replicate other people’s work instead of carrying out their job. Plagiarism, therefore, forms one of the challenges and shows of laziness in the person in the education sector and therefore forms one of the detrimental effects of the same field (Blum, 2011). The idea raised by balm correlated whit what was presented by Park (2003) on the same issue on plagiarism. He suggested by the current generation of university and college students is affected by the increase in piracy because of some resources at their disposal in the field (Park, 2003). The large base of support available to the students is made possible using technology.Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology This, therefore, shows the adverse effect of technology on education. Initially, more people were hardworking in the education industry and made many conditions in the society through their research which indicates that with the coming of technology, some of the detrimental effects have resulted. Technology has provided the education sector and the stakeholder sight a large base of research materials and resources to assist in the process. However, the resulting of this is the case on laziness being increased in the industry and therefore affecting the various parties as a negative contribution to the sector by technology. Behavior change.Exposure to the broad base of information on the internet and other forms of the social platform has been made possible using technology in the sector. This has resulted, however in the increase of a detrimental growth of negative behaviors in the industry and the population of students. Th information might lead individual students on the use of drugs and other harmful social performances such as obscene materials and cyber bullying. All these are made possible using technology. Per a research carried out in 2010 (Grubbs, Sessoms, Wheeler, & Volk, 2010), it is evident that a large number of sexually explicit videos and audio are viewed by the students and other parties in the education sector. The availability of technology gives the student the access to such vile practices and in the result, is that the students end up performing negatively in the school, or dropping out of education. In their research Jingjing., Bin, & Peiqingm, (2011), reveal that negative activities in these sectors are more inclined on the teenagers and students performing them and leading the negative lifestyles than any other groups in the society. The study revealed that a significant number of young students are addicted to harmful materials accessible for them using technology, these students end up dropping school and joining these sectors and acquiring new lifestyles far from the education sector. It reveals that no matter the performance of the individual in the industry, the addition to the activities might result in them forgetting their educational aspirations and endeavors and adopting the use and leading to the lifestyle that is entirely not inclined towards education or training principles (Jingjing, Bin, & Peiqing, 2011). An article by Fernandez, Chapman, & Estcourt, (2008) revealed that the information available to the society is responsible for the creation of a society with irresponsible behaviorism such as poor irresponsible sexual activities, gang crime related cases, and cases of general irresponsibility. This, therefore, conquers with the theory in the research that technology and correlation with the immorality in the society through the information available to the various teenager and general student in the community. Drug abuse and crime.The use of medications in the societies has been on the rise. The spread of information on drugs and the access has been made possible using technology. The primary consideration in this aspect is the effects on education. With this in mind, it would reveal that drugs are the main contributor to the wrong performance of the school sector in the society. This is mainly in the higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities here the students end up becoming addicts and have nothing else y can do in their education field. The performance is low, and the outcomes of the various learning activity tend to be low and depreciating with time. This is a negative effect on the general education sector.The interaction over the internet of the students and another individual who are unknown to them might lead to them being introduced to the world of drug use or trafficking. This is a negative contribution to the education sector and is detrimental in nature. The results are that the students will abandon their studies and intent process the industry is negatively affected the whole education field. The idea of education is therefore profoundly affected by the access of information by the students which also led to them adopting other negative behaviors (Terzic, Senta, & Ahel, 2010). The journal article reveals the process through which the process of drug trafficking is associated with technology. The communication on the transition is supported by technology. The drugs then reach the students, and in the process, end up reaching the students and the effects are detrimental on the part of education and the general behavior.The economic burdens associated with the idea of treating drug addicts and controlling the drug transition is expensive. In a family with a drug addict as one of the parties, therefore, reveals the idea of effects of education since more money would be used in treating the addicts and at the end, the students would be not able to access school facilities due to lack of financing. The article “Strassels, (2009). Economic burden of prescription opioid misuse and abuse” by stated that the weight as revealed more on the commercial side than on the other aspects in the same sense. This results in adverse effect the educational aspect of the society. The contributing factor to the effect is the use of technology which in this case is the main consideration.Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology Therefore, it proves that the effects on education from technology are more negative than positive. In an article in 2010, Essien, claims that the widespread drug use in the tertiary institution is major because of technology in these establishments. This is a contribution to the study questions for this research; it supports the idea showing the negative technological effects in the society (Essien, 2010). Time wastage.The idea of time wastage in the education sector is increased at the current time. This is because of the use of technology and especially communications and social, technological processes and provisions. Teenagers spend more time on the social media platforms than they do in productive academic work. This reduces the advancement and growth in the education sector and in that effect, result in the increase in low performance and failure in the industry. The quality of teaching is also reduced since the students do not believe in their idea of learning portrayal a sense of achieving more or demanding more of facts and concepts as was initially before the increase in the level of technology. This is also contributed to by the greater access to the internet. The instructor would, therefore, give the student’s research work to do. The intentions of the instructor are to ensure that the students advance their knowledge. However, the outcome is wastage of time over the internet on social media platforms.In their article in 2011, Ahmed, I., & Qazi, T. F. reveals the economic value of the time wasted on social media sites and the repercussions it has in the society (Ahmed & Qazi, 2011). The organization, in this case, can also apply in the education field where the various students and parties in the sector participating in social media browsing end up wasting much time that would be used for constructive and productive means in both the schools and the general society. (Ramnarain, & Govender, 2013) support the same notion in an article when they reveal that despite the social media being an efficient platform for the advertisement processes, it may also affect the general management of time used on them since loitering on the social media is a possibility (Ramnarain & Govender, 2013). The consequences of “ using social media in an internet based learning ” processed is also analyzed in an article by (Enikuomehin, 2011). He considers the negative consequences as the strays the users have on the Internet with the urge of visiting social sites increasing with the usage time of the web learners. This is an indication of the wastage of time by the student and the instructors in the same industry (Enikuomehin, 2011). In his case study report Njoroge, (2013) considers the wastage of time and the general effect on the university student. The case study is carried out in universities in the country. It reveals that the students waste more of their days on social media rather than in constructive activities or their education (Njoroge, 2013). Wastage of time is perceived as the greatest challenge that faces the school sector in most regions in the world, and that pertain to education. The success of the training process is affected by the technological advancement of the society. Technology and cyber bullying.Cyber-bullying is the best example on how harmful technology can be when used negatively. Due to the development of social media technology, cyber-bullying has become one of the most serious issues in the school community and in our society. The fact that technology and the entertainment industry somehow indulges this harmful behavior in our youth, it makes it more evident, and to prevent it became a real challenge for educators, administrators, parents and the school community. Cyber-bullying should be considered a felony when becomes a factor for crime as in cases of suicides, especially among teenagers. The expectations of most parents of the school is basically that children learn in a safe and unharmful environment, however cyber-bullying doesn’t originate in the school setting, on the contrary cyber-bullying happens everywhere technology is available, and when parents lost control over it. Cyber-crimes include cyber bullying. The idea of cyber bullying has major effects on the social wellbeing of a school and the co-existence of the students in the school. Assignment: Effects of advancement on technology The primary challenge is the case of cyber bullying. Students can bully one another over the social media platforms which would result in an adverse contribution to the interaction in the school. The resulting population of the student is affected negatively in that it cannot relate peacefully or socially healthy. In this book, Flew considered the cases and the effect so cyber bullying on the various victims, stigmas one of them. Increase in the reach of the internet, a product of technology increases the occurrences of cyberbullying among the user of the web (Flew, 2007). The largest population of social media users are the students in various levels of education. This result in a significantly stigmatized group in case of cyberbullying occurs on them in the use of the social media.Videogames and academics The number of children in America with access to video game systems in their homes continues to increase, along with the amount of time children spend playing video games. A recent study reported that an estimated 88% of American children. play video games (Gentile, 2009), though this number may have since increased. There has been considerable effort among researchers in recent years to identify children’s habits regarding media use, and particularly video game play. Despite growth in educational technology and educational games, most American children still choose to use computers and game systems for playing entertainment games in out-of-school contexts (DeBell & Chapman, 2006; Rideout, Foehr, & Roberts, 2010).Preliminary results showed that video game play does not lower children’s creativity, however the results of this analysis show that the most creative children do not tend to play video games as often. While it is unlikely that video games are making children less creative (Hamlen, 2009), it is more likely that the most creative children are simply less attracted to video games because of the constraints placed by the game design, and that those playing video games are practicing practical problem-solving methods over creative ones. ReferencesAhmed, I., & Qazi, T. F. (2011). Deciphering the social costs of Social Networking Sites (SNSs) for university students. African Journal of Business Management, , 5664.Blum, S. D. (2011). My word!: Plagiarism and college culture. Cornell University Press.Carroll, J., & Oxford Centre for Staff Development. (2007). A handbook for deterring plagiarism in higher education (Vol. 2). oxford: Oxford Centre for Staff and Learning Development.DeBell M., Chapman C. (2006). Computer and internet use by students in 2003. (NCES 2006- 065). Washington, DC: U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics. Flew, T. (2007). New media: An introduction. oxford: Oxford University Press.Enikuomehin, O. A. (2011). ICT, CGPA: Consequences of Social Networks In An Internet Driven Learning Society. International Journal of Computer Trends and Technolog .Essien, C. F. (2010). Drug use and abuse among students in tertiary institutions-the case of federal university of technology, Minna. Journal of research in national development , 35-42.Flew, T. (2007). New media: An introduction. oxford: Oxford University Press.Grubbs, J. B., Sessoms, J., Wheeler, D. M., & Volk, F. (2010). The Cyber-Pornography Use Inventory: The development of a new assessment instrument. Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity , 106-126.Hamlen, K. R. (2009). Relationships between computer and video game play and creativity among upper elementary school students. Journal of Educational Computing Research, 40 (1), 1-21.Jingjing, L., Bin, L., & Peiqing, L. (2011). The harm of proliferation of internet pornography on teenagers and its countermeasures [J]. ournal of Henan Institute of Science and Technology , 035.Njoroge, R. (2013). Impacts of social media among the youth on behavior change: a case study of University students in selected universities in Nairobi, Kenya. Doctoral dissertation, University of Nairobi.Park, C. (2003). In other (people’s) words: Plagiarism by university students–literature and lessons. Assessment & evaluation in higher education , 471-488.Ramnarain, Y., & Govender, K. K. (2013). Social media browsing and consumer behaviour: Exploring the youth market. African Journal of Business Management, , 1885.Schmid, E. C. (2008). Potential pedagogical benefits and drawbacks of multimedia use in the English language classroom equipped with interactive whiteboard technology. Computers & Education , 1553-1568.Terzic, S., Senta, I., & Ahel, M. (2010). Illicit drugs in wastewater of the city of Zagreb (Croatia)–estimation of drug abuse in a transition country. . Environmental pollution, , 2686-2693. Get a 10 % discount on an order above $ 100 Use the following coupon code : NURSING10

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