[SOLVED] approaches to research in social sciences

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on approaches to research in social sciences. When the asked the frequency of the usage of the internet, the different respondents had different answers to give towards the question with, Toyosi Abass, Jack Alexander, Zakir Almo, and Sara Abdulreda saying that they used it daily. Lamia Abdullhosin, Ruba Ahmed, and Abdullah Al-Obaidi responded by saying that they used the internet more than once each week and Huseyin Aksu, Muna Ali, and Samira Ali saying that they used the internet at least once per week. It was notable that none of the people said that they used the internet less than once a week or rarely used. This indicated that the sample population represented people who access and use the internet on a weekly basis but with varying frequency. The length of the session each person took on the internet each time they visited an internet site varied among the respondents with only Muna Ali taking less than one hour on the internet on many of her occasions. The average time according to the different other internet users ranged was between two to three hours with a few of the respondents saying that they can take more than five hours on the internet. Through this analysis, it implied that users of the internet had a lot of time to spend on the internet per day which may have an impact on their performance in their duties. This is because a good fraction of the time they had for their classes was spent on the internet although this does not imply that the influences were necessarily negative on the education because there were different things they could do using it.The respondents differently to the question of the sites they normally visited during the sessions they had daily or in the course of the week, those who responded that they used internet for library research were only 20%, Facebook had 90%, twitter was 60%, Youtube had 50%, 20% mentioned that they visit games sites and some other said that they had used the internet to watch news about the world. This implies that internet usage among was population was mostly for social media since Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube recorded high respondents who used them to perform different functions. A few people used the internet for making research through the materials that were available in specific online libraries and a few other people in society depend on the internet for information.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] approaches to research in social sciences
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