[SOLVED] Analysis of Picking Cotton

Write an article on Analysis of Picking Cotton. It needs to be at least 1500 words. Jennifer was able to escape and eventually she identified Ronald Cotton as the man who had attacked her. Ronald maintained that Jennifer was mistaken, but the positive identification that Jennifer gave was compelling evidence to send him to prison. Eleven years later, Ronald underwent DNA testing which eventually proved his innocence. He was finally released after serving a sentence for a little over a decade in prison cells for an offence that he had not committed. Two years later, both Jennifer and Ronald have a face-to-face meeting and an unusual occurrence takes place. The two were able to forge an unlikely relationship of friendship that changed their lives altogether (Thompson-Cannino, Cotton and Toneo 202)In their own fashion of words, the two unfold the harrowing accounts of the tragedy they underwent. The two have challenged our notion of judgment and memory while demonstrating and indicating the deep nature of human grace and the healing power that can be realized through forgiveness. The discussion centered on this paper concerns both positive and negative traits that are reflective of an ordinary human life. I am confident that this book will be both entertaining and enlightening to any reader. It has particularly my idea of humanity, which I had, begin to think was a lost cause.The first personality was that of Jennifer Thompson Cannino. She was the protagonist of this memoir. She comes out vividly as the epitome of both grace and strength as she narrates and shares with the world her horrific ordeal as a young innocent and low-key profile college student. She recounts the reader how she was raped at knifepoint in the dead of the night at her apartments. She speaks of her memories so vivid regarding the physical characteristic and features of the man who attacked her (Thompson-Cannino, Cotton and Toneo 20) The memoir is of a scorned woman who despite the shame and bad taste that was left in her life emerged&nbsp.stronger than the tragedy.&nbsp.


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[SOLVED] Analysis of Picking Cotton
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