[SOLVED] Africa

Write 8 pages thesis on the topic africa: breaking stereotypes and personal growth as a function of knowledge acquisition. One of the most dangerous facets of the human imagination is the way In which stereotypes can work to become something of a collective reality. Although great strides have been taken in seeking to root out stereotypes within the past few decades, there remain certain areas in which stereotypes abound with regards to the way that individuals think and integrate a level of knowledge with relation to certain people groups, ideas, or places. No more fully can this be seen than in the way that many people integrate with the idea of Africa. Thus far this semester, this particular student has been able to reflect upon the nature of the stereotypes and preconceived notions that were held with regards to Africa as well as the way that many of these have melted upon exposure to reality and truth.A powerful stereotype that had integrated itself with my way of thinking regarding the continent was the belief that the few trouble spots within Africa were indicative of the entire continent. Unfortunately, this is not only a common misconception that is held by this particular author. rather it is a stereotype that integrates itself with a wide range of individuals that have never taken the time nor had the opportunity to analyze Africa for what it truly is rather than what the current news media and/or popular culture is bombarding them with. As a function of this, prior to reading the book or attending the lectures, I was under the impression that hot spots such as Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Niger, and Mali ultimately defined the way in which the African experience could best be summed up. Naturally, this is a highly flawed view as it ignores the fact that Africa is comprised of 55 recognized and identifiable nations/states. All too often the observer, inclusive of this author prior to considering the full nuance that the continent of Africa offers, are tempted to view these 55 separate, distinct, ethnically diverse nations as something of a singular entity for the purposes of easy definition.


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[SOLVED] Africa
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