[SOLVED] Adhesive Wear Equation and Hardening Processes

write an article on adhesive wear equation and hardening processes Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Also, damage to surfaces in contact varies with variance in pressure and relative speed. Assumptions made are:Inconsistencies are witnessed when the above equation is applied to calculate the amount of material of the surface lost in the process of contact between two bodies lying on each other and in relative motion. For this reason, it gives an unreliable result because according to conclusions made using the equation, many factors that affect wearing are not put into consideration. Laws stating that:1. Volume worn out varies proportionally with the distance covered by the two bodies in relative motion and lying on each other. the law is not all inclusive of factors for wearing. It is true but only holds in selected circumstances. This is because the material of the bodies will determine how much wearing will take place. When a very heavy body is placed on a softer body, wearing is possible even without a movement. As the two bodies wear each other, they have a possibility of causing smooth services which are not as destructive as would be in the initial motion. This will means that constants that are not supposed to change the equation, change.2. Wear volume varies directly according to the total load exerted at the surface of contact by the two bodies, this law is applicable for lighter loads, it does not hold for very heavy loads for they cause massive destruction to each other when they are in contact and moving in a relative direction. Eminent damage is experienced on the soft body. This is especially if a body made of the softer material is lighter than the other body made of harder substance and both are in contact. In this case, the damage is not realized on one body but total destruction is witnessed on the second body. A case like this, with un-matched loads differences between the two bodies in contact, is known as critical loads. In a case like this, the pressure exerted can be denoted by the formula ~ H/3 indicating that other factors like texture plays a part in wearing.


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[SOLVED] Adhesive Wear Equation and Hardening Processes
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